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Metabolic Balance Beginner

Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach *****

A holistic way of losing weight - feel as good as you have never felt before, with the help of our Metabolic Balance Program!

Lose weight in a healthy and maintainable manner with the support of Metabolic Balance©, the unique metabolic plan created by Dr. Wolf Funfack. Guided by an expert, you will be introduced to a wholesome nutrition and a long term vital and healthy lifestyle. Experienced staff will support you to reach your individual goal!

Included services

  • оvernights in the room category of your choice
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner tailored to your individual nutrition plan
  • use of the 2,700 m² Acquapura SPA
  • body Impedance Analysis
  • blood sampling and preparation of an individual meal plan
  • numerous guided relax – active units (e.g. Yoga, Acquagym, Nordic Walking etc.)
  • medical consultation
  • practical classes on the subject of nutrition, health and fitness
  • cooking workshop
  • tea and mineral water at the room
  • professional all-round support an aftercare
  • additional SPA Packages at extra charge for the Metabolic Balance© Program
Phase 1: Detoxification. The first phase takes up two days and starts with an evacuation of the bowels to prepare your body for the Metabolic Balance® program.
Phase 2: Strict transition. Phase 2 is a period of strict transition of at least two weeks in which you will follow your individual meal plan. During this time you will for example not be using oil for cooking or any other additional sources of fat as well as only ingredients listen in your meal plan. Additionally you will be following specific "diet rules" such as a break of five hours between meals to give your body time for the adjustment.
Phase 3: Eased transition. In the third phase you may follow your personal likes "more freely" again and for example add a little "cheat meal" once in a while. The change in your metabolism needs to stabilize which is why "cheating" should not be overdone. This phase of the program will be continued until you have reached your personal desired body weight or personal goal.
Phase 4: Maintenance. In the phase of maintenance, you will integrate your newly accomplished eating habits into your daily routine. Continue considering the few and easy to follow rules of the Metabolic Balance® program in your daily life and enduring success is guaranteed!

Measurable success with Metabolic Balance
In the long-term, a healthy balanced diet combined with an appropriate amount of exercise helps prevent illnesses such as high blood pressure, obesity and cardio-vascular disease. At the same time, you improve your performance levels and concentration and boost your overall energy levels. As a result, you’ll sleep better, increase your physical and mental resilience and generally feel healthier, more vital and refreshed.

This package is only bookable in certain periods.
Arrival: 21.01.2018, 18.03.2018, 29.04.2018, 17.06.2018, 16.09.2018, 25.11.2018. Arrival possible from Sunday to Sunday for 7, 10 or 17 nights

Spoken languages

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  • German