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Airport: Salzburg, Munich


Wiener Bundesstraße 23, 5300 Hallwang | +43662668844

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Salzburg, or better said SalzburgerLand, is organised in five ‘Gaus’ – Flachgau, Tennengau, Pongau, Pinzgau and Lungau. The state capital of Salzburg is located in the north of the county and is known worldwide as the City of Mozart.

The variety of mountains, lakes, and cultural attractions makes SalzburgerLand so rich and fascinating that the author Carl Zuckmayr once described it as “part of paradise”. Be it in summer or winter, between mountains and lakes everything is possible!


The Alpine Health Region SalzburgerLand combines 8 health regions and businesses - from Spa Hotels to modern health centres. Many of these use the healing power of nature in their offers. An impressive example is the Krimml Waterfalls whose spray mist has a demonstrably positive effect on lung diseases such as Asthma. You will also experience a soothing state of relaxation at the waterfalls, as well as during your stay and excursions in the mountains. As shown by a scientific study, this provides in connection with health coaching for more inner balance and helps with Burn Out.

Health holidaymakers can also find relaxation in the thermal baths in SalzburgerLand. Here, up to 46 degrees of hot spring water flows directly into the pools and heats the Gastein Healing Gallery. Enriched with Radon from the mountain rocks, this water and its vapour positively affect the body’s cells and helps with movement, respiratory and skin problems.

Experienced doctors and designated specialists accompany the health-enhancing applications and offer additional highly-specialised treatments, also including dialysis. It is also possible during your health holiday to have surgery for eye problems, a herniated disc, a cruciate ligament injury, or even hip problems. Comprehensive advice is of course also provided, to ensure that a health holiday  in SalzburgerLand continues to work long after you get home.

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