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Hip joint replacement – AMIS technique

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AMIS® (Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery) is an innovative surgical technique used in total hip replacement procedures with an anterior approach, i.e. the cut is made on the front side. This minimally invasive method is regarded the safest and least traumatic surgery technique, as unlike other minimally invasive methods, the AMIS method avoids injury of muscles, tendons, vessels and nerves. The cut is very small and involves less bleeding and a lower infection risk. Patients can leave the hospital after 5 -7 days and return to their normal life more quickly. Prof. Dr. Zembsch has applied the AMIS method since 2008 and recommends it as a very effective and successful technique of total hip replacement. He has more operated more than 700 patients.


  • hospital inpatient stay (max. 10 days)
  • laboratory diagnostics
  • medicines/ Surgery
  • radiological investigations
  • implant
  • physiotherapy (including the doctor’s consultation)
  • internist consultation
  • doctors‘ fees


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