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Hallux Valgus

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Hallux Valgus- manifests itself mainly by the pressure and the pain from the pressure in the shoe. The first metatarsal bone is inwardly splayed by the second metatarsal bone. Thus, the head of the first metatarsal bone becomes palpable under the skin and causes reddened skin. This can also cause bursitis. Very light forms of hallux valgus can be treated with special foot gymnastics. In addition, by matching wider shoes it can be possible to reduce the irritation of the foot and thereby relief the pain. For a long-standing deformity of the bunion, hallux valgus can be corrected only in surgical way. It is important that the surgical technique is selected according to the severity of the deformation. Additionally, for the final success, the proper postoperative treatment is considered to be crucial.


  • hospital inpatient stay (max.  3 days)
  • laboratory diagnostics
  • medicines/ surgery
  • x-ray examination
  • physiotherapy (including the doctor’s consulatation)
  • internist consultation
  • doctors‘ fees

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