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Laparoscopic (Omega Loop) Gastric Bypass

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The omega loop gastric bypass is more complex procedure compared to gastric banding. Therefore, through the reduced surgical time and the presence of only one anastomosis it contributes to better postoperative results. This operation is also applicable for several eating disorders such as Binge eating (uncontrolled binge eating) or Sweet eating (preferably candy or high-calorie beverages such as fruit juices, soft drinks) and in contrast to the gastric banding there is no necessity for big changes in eating habits. The gastric bypass is performed laparoscopically, thereby there is no large abdominal incision required. This minimally invasive surgical technique is associated with many advantages: less pain, faster recovery, rare complications such as incisional hernias, infections or scarring and contributes to better cosmetic results.


  • hospital inpatient stay (max.  5 days)
  • laboratory diagnostics
  • medicines/ surgery
  • implant – Omega Loop
  • physiotherapy (including the doctor’s consulatation)
  • internist consultation
  • doctors‘ fees


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