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Knee joint replacement – MyKnee technique

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MyKnee is an innovative technique of knee replacement where the knee prostheses models are tailored individually for each patient on the basis of CT or MRI images. For this purpose thorough radiological investigations are carried out before the surgery. This technique allows ligaments to be preserved and balanced. The MyKnee technology is less traumatic than traditional methods and involves a lower risk of blood loss and embolism. On the first day after the surgery the patient can make first steps of mobilizations. After 5 - 7 days after the surgery the patient can walk upstairs. After approximately 7 days he can leave the hospital.


  • hospital inpatient stay (max. 10 days)
  • laboratory diagnostics/ MRI
  • medicines/ Surgery
  • radiological investigations
  • implant
  • physiotherapy (including the doctor’s consultation)
  • internist consultation
  • doctors‘ fees

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