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Spine Therapy in Bük Spa

from €1,279 per person/package
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The package includes:
  • 14 nights with All Inclusive service
  • initial and final specialist doctor's check up
  • 20 medical treatments as prescribed by doctor
  • unlimited use of spa facilities
Special methods for spine problems
  • Individual therapeutic exercise:
  • McKenzie therapy
  • Dorn therapy
  • Terrier therapy
  • Gymnastic for improvement of posture
  • Individual therapeutic exercise in water
  • Medical massage
  • Relaxing aromatic massage
  • Foot reflex massage
  • Manual lymph drainage
Other services:
  • Kinesio tape therapy
  • Ergonomical consultancy
  • Pilates gymnastics in group
  • Stretching gymnastics in group
  • Fitball gymnastics
  • Theraband gymnastics
  • Nordic walking
  • Water rehabilitation
  • Aqua jogging
  • Aqua aerobic

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