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Klause MED: Therapy package

Emphasis on treatment of burnout, depression, anxieties, insomnia and psychosomatic symptoms.
 Duration: 6 nights/5 days
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  • Stressmedical check-up “Standard” 
    • Consultation of a neuropsychiatrist: risk profile-assessment based on the psychosocial value-model, stress medical counselling and final reporting
    • Biofeedback stress react-testing conducted by a clinical psychologist
    • Consultation of a physical therapist: strength, flexibility, coordination
    • IPN-endurance test
    • Bioimpendance analysis
    • NILAS quick heart-rate-variability-testing
    • Psychological test series
  • Psychological talk therapy: 2 x 50 minutes in single sessions
  • Psychotherapy: 5 x 90 minutes in small groups
  • Relaxation training with Biofeedback: 1 x 30 minutes with clinical psychologist
  • Stress management in theory and practice: 4 x 60 minutes with clinical psychologist
  • Training therapy: 4 x 60 minutes functional training in small groups with physical therapist and high standard technical equipment
  • Body therapies: 3 x 30 minutes of massages and physical therapy
  • Outdoor activities: 4 x 45 minutes relaxation and awareness exercises
  • Daily herbal body wraps
  • Teaching kitchen: theory and practiceAll stationary offerings include the usage of Finish sauna, natural bathing pond, relax-cots, library, gym and boccia track.

 E-bikes to rent.

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