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  • accommodation with half board
  • buffet breakfast in the hotel restaurant
  • buffet lunch or dinner in the hotel restaurant
  • possibility of diet and vegetarian meals (prior reservation needed)
  • free entry to hotel thermal swimming pool, saunas
  • free entry to hotel fitness
  • free entry to thermal outdoor and indoor swimming pools of Rogaška Riviera (open from April till October)
  • water gymnastic, morning gymnastic, Nordic walking trips
  • bottle of natural mineral water Donat Mg on arrival day
  • air condition (Premium Rooms and Suites)
  • use of bathrobe
  • entertainment and events program in Rogaška
  • free Wi-Fi
  • free entry into the Casino Fontana
  • VIS VITA Spa & Beauty: 
    • HB + 1T Half board, doctors consultation, 1 treatment per day, drinking cure with "Donat Mg" natural mineral water at the spring 3-times per day
    • HB + 2T Half board, doctors consultation, 2 treatments per day, drinking cure with "Donat Mg" natural mineral water at the spring 3-times per day


 Precise IN-BODY analysis - balance of water, proteins, minerals and body fat will be confirmed.
 Recommendation of the optimal combination of therapies. A key objective of the program in VIS VITA SPA & BEAUTY is to achieve the goals in terms of improving the health status.
 Magnesium makes Donat Mg one of the richest waters in the world. Its extremely high magnesium content and other essential minerals give this water such healing power that it has been used for centuries to alleviate numerous health problems. It is also effective for diseases of the heart and veins, is recommended for diabetics and anyone that has cholesterol problems, and is appropriate for those suffering from osteoporosis.
 The magnesium drinking cure with Donat Mg mineral water is effective in curing a range of illnesses such as diseases of the heart and veins, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, nervous system and stomach. It has a positive effect on glucose levels and high blood pressure.
 The drinking cure with Donat Mg mineral water in combination with selected therapies is indispensable in treating constipation, obesity, excess stomach acid and heartburn. Because drinking Donat Mg has an obvious effect on the metabolism in stressful situations that create mental or physical strain and increase the need for magnesium, the magnesium program is also an exceptional anti-stress program.

Spa treatments will be chosen according to the consultation in VIS VITA Spa & Beauty

InBody analyse, healing mineral CO2 bath (20 min. + 20 min.), healing bath with natural herbal supplements (20 min.), gentle body scrub (20 min.), therapeutic back massage (20 min.), reflex foot massage (20 min.), moroccan body massage (30 min.), detox body massage (30 min.), partial lymphatic drainage, part of a body (20 min.), partial lymphatic drainage face (20 min.), indian head massage (20 min.), fango wraps (2 units/30 min.), paraffin foot treatment (20 min.), paraffin hands treatment (20 min.), personalized individual gymnastic (20 min.), inhalation with natural mineral water (10 min.), inhalation with carefully selected herbs (10 min.), algae body wrap, anti-cellulite treatment (30 min.), anti - cellulite massage (20 min.), BTL 4000 Electro treatment (20 min.), BTL - Ultrasound (10 min.), BTL - Laser (10 min.)

Further Medical Packages

Detox package 7 nights
This carefully planned programme for detoxification is due to the drinking treatment with the water Donat Mg unique in the world
Gastro programme 7 nights
Great programme to alleviate problems with digestion
Body slim programme 7/ 14 nights
Effective, individually adjusted modern slimming
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