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Package prices for IVF / ICSI treatment in the Fertility Center Doebling include following service:

  • full range of medical service (stimulation planning, folliculometry test, puncture, embryo transfer)
  • full range of laboratory service (sperm preparation, conduct of IVF / ICSI)
  • correspondence with specialist (e-mail, telephone)

Possible additional costs, not included in the package price:

  • medication for ovulation induction and luteal support are not included in the package price  (approx. EUR 1.200 - EUR 2.000)
  • blood tests or semen analysis required before the treatment (for IVF or ICSI respectively) are not included in the package price. 
  • additional services such as lavage of seminal plasma are also not included.

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Executive check - examination program
modules can be combined accoridng to patient's needs   
Birth in Döbling private hospital
The department of obstetrics of the private clinic Doebling is one of the most popular maternity hospitals in Austria. Women will appreciate the high quality of medical care, combined with gracious care and hotel-style comfort. Safety of mother and newborn is in the spotlight, so the gynecologist-surgeon, anaesthetist and paediatrician are always at their disposal.
Baby-check plus

Early detaction of hereditary diseases in newborns

Pediatric examination kids care

The Children‘s Health Center „Döbling“ offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services.

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