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Terme Sveti Martin

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Airport: Zagreb 112 km, Ljubljana 180 km, Graz 125 km, Budapest 270 km
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Izvorska 3, 40313 Sveti Martin na Muri | + 385 40 371 111

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Terme Sveti Martin is a unique destination and located in the secluded countryside of Upper Međimurje, yet still nearby city life, interesting events, festivals, and sights.


Terme Sveti Martin
Terme Sveti Martin are a unique “Healthness” resort in the middle of an untouched nature, filled with gastronomic treats, modern accommodation, over a 100 years of tradition in thermal bathing and an unforgettable wellness offer. Well known as “The World of Healthy Pleasures” the concept has foundations in the term “Healthness” which represents a combination of an active vacation, wellness experience and raising awareness about health.

The hotel is situated on a hill in the middle of breath-taking nature, with contemporary and well-furnished rooms and luxury suites. There is an apartment complex opposite the hotel, situated right next to a green forest, as the ideal choice for a family vacation or a vacation with a group of friends.

Thermo-mineral water
According to the analyses, the water in Terme Sveti Martin is one of the oldest and best quality thermo-mineral waters in Europe. First discovered about a hundred years ago, it is drawn from a depth of 800 meters and its average temperature is 35 degrees. The water consists of several chemical elements. The water contains lithium which is good for stress and depression, strontium which is beneficial for bone density, sodium, which helps against arthritis, iodine, which helps with thyroid gland problems, potassium, which is good for the heart and detoxification, and fluorine, which is beneficial for people with osteoporosis.

Those who love Wellness will truly enjoy here, because the Resort offers more than 20 different kinds of massages, as well as a beauty centre. The quality of services guarantees satisfaction, while treatments such as face scrubs, massage bars and soaps handmade by the Healthness manager of Terme Sveti Martin, give it a particular advantage. The area for hedonistic enjoyment is equipped with dry and steam cabins, indoor and outdoor swimming pools with underwater massages and sunbeds for relaxation, whirlpools, an ice cave and a cold dip pool, a quiet area for relaxation, and a refresh corner with healthy drinks and fruits.

Medical Tourism
Simple, quick and painless. If it exists, the fast and non-invasive scan can detect an imbalance early. After an imbalance has been detected, the Healthness Manager or one of the experts at the Polyclinic Lumbalis help in finding the balance of body, mind and spirit with their expert advice. The POLYCLINIC LUMBALIS is located within the resort and specialises in orthopaedics and traumatology, physical therapy and rehabilitation. You can also get a physical examination, make an appointment with a specialist, get an ECG, a medical examination of the locomotor system and physical therapy. This state of the art centre is unique in that it will prepare the body for the therapy in thermo-mineral healing water. To achieve a complete harmony of the mind and body, guests can join free classes of yoga or mindfulness meditation, in order to become aware of the present moment, their own thoughts, emotions and surroundings.
Healthy Dining
The very motto of Terme Sveti Martin - “The world of healthy pleasures” talks about the resort’s main focus - health. At Terme, healthy lifestyle habits are encouraged every day and the best way to do so is through rich and diverse gastronomy. Health care for the guests and the desire to introduce the healthiest and the best quality meals possible has resulted in finding local food producers that have accepted the biodynamic agricultural production, which is in no way easy, but absolutely healthy.  
Sport + Recreation
Terme Sveti Martin offer numerous facilities for recreational, but also for professional athletes. From cycling to basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer up to handball, this resort has hosted many sports teams, from national handball and soccer teams to recreational athletes who practise sports in their free time. Sports courts, the possibility to rent a bike, a hall with a gym, hotel gym, trim trails, golf and disc golf course are just some of the options offered to all age groups who love

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