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Musculoskeletal System Package 7/10/14 nights

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Package includes:

  • first visit with Physiatrist and initial BIODEX test
  • 2/3/4 physiotherapy sessions 45min.
  • 2/3/4 hydrokinesis therapy sessions 45min.
  • 2/3/4 therapeutic massages 50min. (1 sports massage, can be done either before sports activity to improve the athletic performance and prevent injuries or after as a recovery and drainage manipulation. It accelerates the removal of the lactic acid and the metabolic wastes produced during sports activities and 1 Deep Tissue Massage, focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue)
  • second visit with our Physiatrist and final BIODEX test

You will also receive:

  • medical report
  • program of exercises to practice during the stay in gym and/or thermal pool followed by experiences assistants
  • daily talk with a nurseTreatments for patients with Parkinson desease & post Ictus patients are determined individually during the initial consultation with Physiatrist


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