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Vitalis Detox Basic for 7 days

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With “vitalis detox” you can free yourself from toxins, activate your metabolism, regulate your weight and improve your overall fitness, thereby boosting your vitality and your life energy.


  • 1 initial consultation with medical doctor
  • 1 consultation with dietitian  
  • 1 CRS® Metabolic Analysis to provide valuable information concerning connective tissue, metabolic acidosis, nutritional needs, immune defence and much more
  • 1 Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis to provide the information about the muscle- and cell mass, the water balance and body fat percentage
  • 2 Matrix Rhythm Therapies to stimulate the metabolism and promote the drainage of toxins
  • 1 detox massage to support detoxification
  • 1 metabolism-boosting Shower Hydrotherapy treatment according to Dr. Lust, with a refreshing head massage
  • 1 Sea Algae Mask treatment in a water bed, for detoxification and strengthening the metabolism
  • 1 bath according to Werner Junge, with a relaxing head massage  
  • 3 infusions (detox or bases, on the basis of the diagnostic results)
  • 1 concluding consultation with doctor
  • special dietary supplements
  •  special detox nutritional form
Vitalis Inclusive Services:
  • welcome drink
  • vitalis Pension incl. a special dietary form according to VITALIS MED CUISINE with hypoallergenic orientation (without pork, white flour, white sugar, cow milk products and chicken eggs, and specially adapted nutrition based on diagnostic results and dietary consultation).
  • on request special balanced nutrition depending on food intolerances, according to the consultation
  • fruit, herbal teas, natural spring water, dried fruits and nuts in the spa lounge  
  • exclusive 1000 m2 large MEDICAL SPA & BEAUTY area with heated outdoor pool with indoor entry, steam sauna, bio sauna, infrared-a-sauna cabin, Finnish outdoor sauna and relax areas with water beds, beach chairs, thermal loungers, wellness swings, quiet garden with sun loungers in summer
  • bag with bath robe, towel, slippers for the duration of your stay
  • best equipped modern Sky gym with strength and fitness equipment
  • free first mini-bar filling
  • due to the innovative memon® technology the whole area of Villa Vitalis is free from electrosmog and geopathically stressed fields
  • it is a non-smoking hotel
  • 24 hours medical services and night duties
  • 24 hours nurse care and night duties.
  • with the QuintDrink stations you can energize your own drink according to the personal requests (mobilizing, sleeping, concentration or harmonize it on the basis of your diagnostic results).
  • the hotel is a health resort for adults and adolescents from 14 years
  • rental bicycles, rental poles for nordic walking
  • green fee reduction for four golf courses in the region
  • free Wi-Fi
  • sufficient parking places are available for you as well as a covered parking area

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