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Dr. med. univ. Kurt Öhler

Main Medical Fields

Dr. med. univ. Kurt Öhler

Medical director of the private clinic at the Sonnenplateau, specialist for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, emergency doctor.
Dr. med. Kurt Oehler is an internationally recognised specialist for aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. In a private and confidential conversation, doctor will answer all your questions and will give you an individual advice on the desired procedures to enhance your beauty. The doctor cares about the comfort and health of his patients.
 He places great emphasis on 
  • patients' trust
  • professional competence at the highest level i.e. all operations are carried out according to the latest tried and tested procedures
  • minimally invasive and scar-reducing techniques
  • comprehensive care of his patients before, during and after surgery

Education & Professional Highlights

  • Innsbruck University Hospital
  • Academic Lehrkrankenhaus München-Bogenhausen
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Salt Lake City
  • Member of the Austrian Society of Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeons, Emergency Doctor

Speciality - Interests

ME Health Program (Preventive Program)
Head & face: upper and lower eyelids, rhinoplasty, forehead lift, thread lift, midi face lift, neck tightening, cheeks and chin liposuction, otoplasty.
Breast: breast lift, breat augmentation, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, nipple correction, correction of the male breast.
Abdomen: fat reduction/liposuction, abdominoplasty, abdominal reconstruction.
Arms / hands / nerves: Carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuy's contracture, tendon reconstruction, ganglyon "fast finger", nerve reconstruction.
Skin: skin cancer treatment, scar correction, laser therapy, sweat gland suction.
Hips / buttocks / genital area: liposuction, bodystyling / liposculting, female genitals surgery
Legs / Feet: liposuction, thighs tightening, varicose vein surgery
Medical-Aesthetic Cosmetics
 Spine Diagnostics and Therapy
 Lifestyle medicine and preventive medicine
 Physical therapy