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Three natural health resources in Bad Tatzmannsdorf

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Bad Tatzmannsdorf is located in Austria and well known primarily as a cardiology resort, as well as a resort for the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal system diseases. Bad Tatzmannsdorf has a unique concentration of three natural health resources: healing moor, carbonated mineral water and thermal water.
The local research institute, one of the few in Austria, subjects the treatment results to scientific justification and analysis. Therefore the significant results are achieved: 
  • in patients with hypertension, the level of blood pressure steadily decreases
  • autogenic regulation processes are improved
  • reduced pain in the joints and back

Key resort specialties
Treatments are based on the combination of modern scientific research and the healing natural resources and especially beneficial to the patients with the following diseases: 
  • cardiovascular system
  • gastrointestinal tract
  • musculoskeletal system.

The local therapy is also effective for people with exhaustion, as well as beneficial to people with problems of healing burns and wounds.

Natural health resources
The secret of health programs offered at the resort are the three natural resources of health. This is the only place in Austria, where a similar combination of healing resources is found in one place.

Healing moor
Therapeutic healing moor has a smoothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Due to its property to keep warm for long, it is widely used for heat treatments. Mud baths and wraps are especially effective in treating rheumatic disorders. They also reduce pain in people with  musculoskeletal system disorders.

Carbon dioxide and thermal springs
Carbon dioxide has been used for therapeutic purposes since the beginning of the 17th century.  Carbon dioxide dilates precapillary arterioles, which significantly increase the oxygen level, improve blood circulation and blood supply to the brain and also increase the elasticity of the vessel walls.
Drinking mineral water cure is prescribed for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gout, urolithiasis, osteoporosis, and metabolic disorders. Dry carbon dioxide and classic baths of Bad Tatzmannsdorf are effective in treating the cardiovascular system. Thermal water has a relaxing effect on the muscles and is used for treating musculoskeletal system and rheumatic diseases. The heat of the thermal pools contributes to noticeable improvements in joint and rheumatic pains.

Three natural health resources in Bad Tatzmannsdorf Save

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