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Cancer is not a sentence

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Thanks to effective diagnostics and modern treatment methods, death rate among cancer patients is gradually decreasing. Cancer is no longer a sentence. The world-famous Oncology Center in Vienna Private Clinic is a proof of this. Immunotherapy, targeted therapy, modern and harmless radiation and minimally invasive operations used at the Center - significantly increase chances of survival and recovery.
Vienna Private Clinic is a harmonious union of highly qualified doctors, the latest treatment methods and modern medical equipment. The result is the successful treatment of various diseases, including cancer. Many patients come to the Center to find out a “second opinion”. The final diagnosis is established by an authoritative commission consisting of experts in the field of genetics, oncology and molecular biology.
 One of the main specialisations of Oncology Center is surgery:
  • stomach
  • breast
  • upper or lower gastrointestinal tract
  • gynecological
  • colorectal
  • visceral
  • melanomas
  • spine
  • sarcomas
  • ENT
  • urological

New technologies
The Center successfully applies the latest developments in the field of cancer treatments, including targeted therapy and immunotherapy.
Targeted therapy is effective for: 
  • cancer patients who have already undergone classical treatment and have a progressive disease
  • patients without treatment regimen (rare tumor types)
  • patients with metastases

Targeted therapy is by 25% more effective than traditional chemotherapy. After molecular diagnosis is established, it helps patients with advanced cancer, when all other methods have already been exhausted.
Immunotherapy is a completely new approach in treating cancer using body's own defenses. It is especially effective at the later stages of cancer treatment and in treatment of the following cancers: 
  • lungs
  • melanoma
  • leukemia
  • bladder
  • malignant lymphoma
  • kidney
  • liver
  • digestive tract

According to clinical trials, the effect of immunotherapy continues for a long time, even during the remission stage. The therapy helps patients to maintain high quality of life.
The above methods change deadly disease into a chronic one, giving a person a chance at life.
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