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Detox in Austria

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Here you will find a list medical centers and medical spa hotels in Austria specialised in detox with relevant information about procedures, location, contact information, photos and more.

Take a deep breath and inhale the fresh mountain air - Austria is the perfect destination for a wellbeing escape.
Be swept away by the stunning scenery and panoramas of the Alps, with plenty of hiking, biking and skiing on offer. Austria is an excellent choice for a detox or weight loss retreat, with the spas here focusing on a light diet and gentle exercise to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. It is believed that many chronic disorders are caused by bad nutrition and lack of exercise, and Austria is the place to find the healthier version of yourself.

People who perform daily at high level are under constant strain. Physical and mental. The detox cure offers a holistic approach to the management of life’s everyday challenges. To promote better health, regulate stress, cleanse the body, lose weight and experience relaxation.
Stunning scenery and a first class wellness offering combine to make Austria the perfect destination for your retreat. Whatever it is you seek, by the end of your stay in Austria you will feel completely revived, the fresh air alone enough to provide you with a new lease of life. Discover it’s enchanting magic for yourself and find yourself forever wanting to return.
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Park Igls

Healthy diet, conscious movement and profound regeneration - modern Mayr medicine in the health center Park Igls in Tyrol.
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Airport: Innsbruck 7 km / Salzburg 180 km
Train station: 5,5 km