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Karlovy Vary - effective treatment for diabetes

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Over the past decades, the scale of diabetes has become so impressive, that it is called the "scourge" of mankind. In the 19th century, Karlovy Vary became famous as a resort where therapeutic treatments for diabetes are offered and successfully applied in treating the disease.
Healing water properties in Karlovy Vary
The effectiveness of drinking mineral water in Karlovy Vary is based on the reduction of glucose levels in urine and blood. Also the intake of healing water contributes to a significant increase in the sensitivity of receptors to insulin. In most patients, the need for administration dosage of sugar-lowering drugs is reduced so as the need for insulin injections.

Water from various springs, prescribed for drinking courses, differs not only in its mineral composition, but also in temperature, as well as in the content of carbon dioxide. Therefore, in accordance with the patient’s medical condition, the doctor prescribes the most appropriate course of treatment to each patient individually. For diabetes, it is advisable to drink mineral water directly from the spring. Many resorts in Karlovy Vary are located near the healing springs and one of them is Spa Hotel Dvořák.

Diabetes treatment at Spa Hotel Dvořák
The hotel is located in the center of Karlovy Vary and offers well-organised high standard healing therapy process. Hot spring called Geyser is located a three-minute walk from the hotel.

Healing therapy courses are individually prescribed by medical specialists. Along with the classic mineral water treatments, special physical exercises have been developed for hotel guests. In combination such therapy has a beneficial effect on the whole body and is effective in treating obesity, diabetes and gastrointestinal tract diseases. Especially popular is the Karlovy Vary therapy.

Karlovy Vary therapy
The program is indicated for gastrointestinal tract diseases, diabetes mellitus and metabolic disorders. 2-3 weeks treatment period is recommended. The package includes the following therapeutic services: 
  • an initial medical examination, prescription of an individual treatment plan
  • blood analysis
  • individual prescribed spa treatments
  • additional rehabilitation treatments
  • mineral water drinking curePatients also have free access to the indoor pool, steam room, sauna, fitness room.
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