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Cancer treatment with Ion Therapy


With the Ion therapy – a unique and innovative form of radiation therapy – the radiation can be focused exactly to the area of tumour, ensuring that radiation-sensitive organs are best protected.
In the past decades, medical research has been successful in recording further significant progress in fighting cancer. Ion therapy is regarded as a new valuable addition to the arsenal of cancer control methods. 
The method of therapy is based on the physical characteristics of ions – electrically charged particles, which enter the human tissue with enormous speed and an accuracy, thereby releasing energy. The released energy causes damage to the DNA of the cancer cells and destroys the tumour without damaging the healthy tissue. Most of the energy is released in the tumor and not in the healthy tissue, leading to significantly less side effects and long-term consequences. 
Thanks to a special technical construction, the Austrian cancer treatment- and research centre MedAustron is one of only a few institutions worldwide, that can offer ion therapy with both, protons and carbon ions. A significant difference between protons and carbon ions is the higher biological effectiveness of carbon ions. Radio-resistant tumours are thereby stopped and destroyed in their growth.
Ion therapy is primarily used in the treatment of tumours that are resistant to traditional radiation, are difficult to treat or in recurrent tumours after conventional radiotherapy. Indications for proton or carbon ion therapy may include tumours of the cranial base, head and throat tumours, brain tumours, sarcomas or ENT-tumours. Ion radiation is also applicable to tumours in the lungs, pancreas, liver or in the pelvic region. Furthermore, ion therapy is often applied in childhood tumours.
The therapy is carried out ambulant and daily over a period of several weeks. Best Treatment not only supports the coordination of the treatments, but also helps to arrange a suitable accommodation in the surroundings of the MedAustron Centre. The success for healing and the physical recovery have been proven to be particularly positive in an ambience in which patients feel comfortable. Whether a hotel, B&B or apartment, whether in Wiener Neustadt and its surroundings, or in Vienna (approx. 60km from Wiener Neustadt and MedAustron). We know our partners personally and choose the right accommodation according to your needs and requirements.
Physical as well as mental well-being belong to a successful treatment as does excellent medical and personal care. Rely on our many years of experience in medical tourism as well as the quality of Austria as a destination for medical tourism and make use our first class service!
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