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Traditional Spa Stay

from €1,050 per person/package
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This spa stay is aimed at pain relief, improvement of stiffness, mobility and other symptoms associated with diseases of musculoskeletal system. Recommended length of stay is 2-3 weeks.

Accommodation with full board: buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner
Doctor and health examinations: (initial and final) with a special emphasis on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and related complications
Doctor visit: 1x per week
Diagnostics and laboratory tests upon doctor’s prescription: for stay with minimum duration 13 nights
Medical report at the end of the stay
Healing treatments: individual therapeutic program with up to 24 treatments per week (7 nights) based on the guest’s health and doctor’s prescription. The program includes 4 active rehabilitation treatments per week such as group exercises or fitness training with fitness trainer.

Doctors prescribe for all traditional spa stays a selection of treatments from this list each day:

  • based on the natural healing resources: Local mud pack, Thermal bath (Mirror pool), Mud pool, Individual thermal mineral bath, Individual thermal bubble bath, Carbon dioxide thermal bath, Underwater traction, Peloitherapy for hands, Hydrotherapy, Parafango
  • forms of individual and group rehabilitation: massages - up to 5 massages per week (Partial medical massage, Segment massage, Underwater jet massage), Water rehabilitation, Traction, Group therapeutic exercise, Individual therapeutic exercise, Ergotherapy
  • other treatments: Electrotherapy (including Magnetic therapy), Ultrasound therapy, Phototherapy (Laser therapy, Bioptron lamp, Repuls), Hydrotherapy (Underwater jet massage, Whirlpool, Scottish spray, Stepping bath), Paraffin for hands, Local cryotherapy, Dry carbon gas bath, CO2 gas injection, Radial shock therapy, Inhalation, Fitness

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