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Healthy intestine & metabolism

10 day cure for healthy colon and metabolism. Recommended for people with bowel problems and metabolic complaints.
from €1,850 per person/package
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The programme is a basic therapy for a new gut feeling. Good health starts with the balance in the gut. Programme is recommended for people with bowel problems and metabolic complaints.

Programme includes:
  • accommodation in single room comfort
  • gourmet meals (individual nutrition or fasting) 
  • medical support
  • 2 abdominal massages
  • 1 partial massage
  • 1 lymphatic drainage
  • 2 alkaline baths 
  • 3 wraps
  • 1 BIA measurement
  • 1 Iyengar yoga
  • 1 introduction to training therapy
  • 1 impulse coaching in a group 
  •  impulse for self-application
  • meditation & movement exercises

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Further Medical Packages

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10 day relaxation therapy programme for the intestine, body, mind and soul
Pain reduction for new mobility
10 day pain treatment programme incl. the proven combination of holistic therapies and specific specialist instructions for a conscious lifestyle change. 
Fasting with pleasure
7/ 10 day weight reduction programme. Recommended for therapeutic fasting or for first-time fasting.
Preventive healthcare programme
7 day detoxification and purification programme. Preventive programme for bowel and overall health. 
New radiance - Beauty from inside
7 day beauty package for new body feeling. Healthy eating or (intermittent) fasting combined with a beauty programme. Feel comfortable in your own skin.
New strength
7 day cure for immune system strengthening. Good health and strong immune system starts with the right balance in the stomach.
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