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Body shaping package (from 7 nights)

It is an efficient help for those who want toned muscles, tighter skin and well-shaped body.
from €1,132 per person/package
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With the help of cryo sauna, the motion therapy, various body treatments and the micro blood vessel therapy your body will become suppler and tighter. The analysis of the composition of the body materials, at the beginning of the programm, helps to increase the efficiency of the treatment with suitable eating, so the package includes full board.

Package includes the following:
  • 7x overnights incl. fullboard
  • 2x InBody analyses (10 min)
  • 4x Nordic walking (20 min)
  • 5x Personalized body shaping training (20 min)
  • 3x Flabélos treatments (10 min)
  • 6x Cryosauna treatments (2-3 min)
  • 6x vacustyler body treatments (30 min)
  • 5x celluloderm body treatments (30 min)
  • 6x bemer therapies (16 min)
  • 1x Thalasso 3-Effect (remineralising, slimming, firming) complete treatment with thermo blanket wrap (60') 
  • 1x Thalasso 3-Effect body mask with thermo blanket (30’) 
  • 2x Thalion Express Slimming treatment (30’) 

In case of a longer staying the effectiveness can be not only felt and seen but it can aslo be measured and it can be proved by another analysis of the body. If you need, the body shaping package can be combined with a controlled, decreased calorie diet or with an alkalinity program as well.

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