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Private Clinic Leech

Airport: Graz 15 km
Train station: 1,5 km


Hugo Wolf Gasse 2 , 8010 Graz | +43 31636320

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Central location in one of the best districts of Graz offers perfect transport communication both in public transport and a personal car. There is a town park and a recreational zone of Leechwald with Hilmteich in close proximity thereto. Walks in the said parks give a true pleasure. The centre with numerous shops and restaurants, and the central area in the very heart of the town are just within minutes of walking distance from the Clinic.


Your individual doctor will select optimal methods of treatment for you with the assistance of a qualified team of anesthesiologists, hospital physicians, junior and paramedical personnel and doctors with a form of treatment individually selected for you. The Clinic has at its disposal all necessary diagnostic capabilities such as an x-ray room, modern computerized tomography and two surgery rooms equipped in compliance with the highest requirements.
The personnel, together with doctors, received all necessary specialized training and has a long-term experience in complex medical actions. They include present-day forms of prevention, regular operations both minimum invasive and micro invasive ones.
The Clinic offers medical care from «А» to «Z» in a comfortable hotel. The 24-hour service and the possibility to constantly control patients in each ward of the Clinic guarantee the maximum safety of patients after the successfully conducted operations and reflect high standards of quality.  

Medical services The motto of  private Clinic and the ideal thereof is «Clinic of good spirits», so doctors take care of patients in a friendly atmosphere to achieve the best results of treatment. To this effect, medical team uses the best medical technologies and propose a full range of services at the highest level.

In addition to the general treatment from «А» to «Z», doctors, as professionals, also conduct effective treatment of abdominal cavity symptoms such as problems with a stomach, hernia, operations of a gall bladder or a large bowel.
At the same time, the clinic has also received the common European recognition in the field of surgery treatment of neoplasms.

The medical stuff is sure that the personal medical care in combination with the maximum possible perfectness will surprise patients. Moreover, for the further rehabilitation and goal-oriented observation, we proudly recommend to apply to the clinics of SANLAS Holding GmbH Management.
Medical equipment Fast development of medicine at present makes it possible to render medical services in those private clinics, which were earlier possible only in university clinics. 

  • up-to-date Synergy HD3 chamber, which allows us to record operations
  • up-to-date microscope in Austria
  • a great number of classic diagnostic units (from ECG to colored Doppler sonography)
  • state-of-the-art equipment to observe vital functions of a patient during narcosis
  • computer tomograph – angiograph
  • endoscopy
  • laparoscopy
  • ECG and advanced ultrasonic technologies
  • computerized tomography
  • broncholaryngoscope
  • advanced x-ray examination
  • mobile x-ray devices
  • 3 modern surgical halls
  • laser
  • laboratory diagnostics
  • sleep laboratory
  • unit for sterilization of instruments

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