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Smarjeske Toplice Health Resort

Healing thermal springs at beautiful tectonic spa

Airport: Zagreb/Ljubljana 100 km
Train station: Novo mesto


Novi trg 1, 8000 Novo mesto | + 386 82050300

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Šmarješke Toplice health resort is a tectonic spa. Many little warm thermal springs have filled a tiny valley and turned it into a proper thermal lake. In the past, the resort was known as the Jezerske Toplice (Lake Spa). Nowadays, the springs are channelled into the indoor and outdoor pools.


The earliest reference to the healing effect of the water at Šmarješke Toplice health resort dates 200 years ago. The spring with the water temperature of 32 ˚C has a medical effect. Thermal water is hypoacratothermal and rich in calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate. The spa’s medical team use it for treating cardiovascular diseases, rehabilitation of sports injuries and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system diseases and injuries.

The health resort has a highly qualified medical team. The medical service combines specialist knowledge in cardiology, physical and rehabilitation medicine, and physiotherapy, and highly skilled nursing and massage therapy staff. The team uses modern equipment for cardiologic diagnostics, such as the ultrasound, stress testing equipment, Holter monitor, ECG, spirometer, and their own laboratory. In the rehabilitation ward, they use the latest electrotherapy, kinesiotherapy and hydrotherapy equipment and fitness for rehabilitation of sports injuries. More than a 50-member spa team constantly upgrades their knowledge on the national as well as the international level, while their scientific articles contribute to the development of preventive and rehabilitation programmes. Medical service is available non-stop, in the form of a 24-hour day-and-night duty.

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