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VIVAMAYR Classic Program

The VIVAMAYR Classic Program as the basis of your well-being. Your new life starts here.
from €3,825 per person/package
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The  tried and tested VIVAMAYR Classic Program forms the basis for every stay and is the most individual of all offered programs. Just like your body and goals are unique, this program is entirely customized according to your personal needs. It includes all necessary medical care and a variety of tests and treatments. The additional therapies which are needed for your personal well-being and health are not defined until you have your initial examination with your physician. This sets you on the right path to your new life full of ease, confidence and strength.

The VIVAMAYR Classic program covers a range of examinations and treatments which offer you a solid footing for your VIVAMAYR stay. Along with the medical base services, the therapies are put together individually for you.

The program is structured as follows:

  • 7 overnights in one of the chosen category
  • Base medical services: 1х initial medical examination, 3х functional myodiagnostics, 1х daily medical manual abdominal treatments, 1х final medical examination, 1х nutrition counselling, 1х acid-base and mineral nutrient analysis, 1х free radicals & biological anti-oxidative potential, 1х metabolic analysis, 1х urine analysis, individual dietary plan, group activities, medical lectures
  • Tailored treatments: body impedance analysis, cryotherapy, electrolysis foot bath, functional training, liver wrap, SalinAir inhalation, therapeutic massage, heated bed mud/algae/brine

From these therapies, the doctor chooses the nature and number of treatments which are necessary for you. Your personal therapy plan is therefore individually tailored to your needs. Supplements, medication and special laboratory tests are charged separately. The final price is based on your individual therapy plan.

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