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Vienna International Airport - VIP Terminal

Travel as if on a state visit. VIP services at Vienna Airport for your discrete journey in an exclusive atmosphere.
Enjoy your own VIP lounge while your personal assistant deals with the luggage and all formalities. A limousine will transport you over the apron directly to your flight. This service can be reserved for all airlines and booking classes.
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Vienna 0 km (directly)


If you are travelling for medical reasons, it is particularly important and pleasant to travel away from the large crowds of passengers.
 The VIP services at Vienna Airport offer precisely that:
  • The separate VIP Terminal is separate from the main terminal directly next to the tarmac, so you will only have to cover very short distances.
  • You depart and arrive discretely via the secluded forecourt.
  • Relax before/after the flight in your private VIP lounge and enjoy À la carte meals without being disturbed or watched by anyone. If you want to freshen up, exclusive shower facilities are also available for you.
  • We deal with your luggage.
  • Your personal assistant takes care of all travel formalities for you – from check-in to tax refunds.
  • You pass through the separate passport and security control with no waiting periods.
  • You are transported to / collected from the aircraft in your own shuttle limousine and you can decide whether you want to board the aircraft before or after all other passengers prior to the departure.
  • If you are accompanied by other people in Vienna, who are not travelling with you, there is still the possibility for these people to welcome or bid you farewell directly by the aircraft.Further information can be found at
    Please contact to book for your journey


The VIP and General Aviation Terminal has an ideal location close to the airport and to the city of Vienna.
There are flights to Vienna from 195 destinations in 70 countries making it a hub between Eastern and Western Europe. The inner city is only 20 minutes away by taxi. There is also a limousine service available.


Steinriegelweg, Objekt 140, 1300 Vienna-Airport
+43 1 7007 23300

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