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If you don't have much time to take care of your health due to a busy lifestyle, then take a break and have a breath of fresh air at one of the wellness and spa hotels offered by Best Treatment. A list of the hotels can be found at the end of this article.

Many people visit spas as part of a healthy lifestyle. Bit did you know that there are many different types of spas available in Europe?

If you just want to relax, recuperate and revitalise yourself than you can visit one of our partner wellness & spa hotels.

But, if you are anxious about your health or have some mild health issues, like for example problems with the joints, skin or circulation than you will greatly benefit from the visit to the thermal mineral spa. Mineral waters have unique healing properties and can make wonders to our health and general well being. There is a big selection of various thermal spas in Europe to choose from. They all have various areas of expertise, for example Austria is very popular for its brine baths and geothermal waters from the Alps. Ingredients found exclusively in the Alps and used in spa treatments to revive your spirit, invigorate the body, uplift the mind and soothe away the strains of aching joints, back and skin problems. The benefits of the altitude and fresh air also mean that simply by arriving there you are already feeling better and becoming healthier.

On the other hand, if the problems with your health are more serious i.e. rheumatism, diabetes, cardio vascular decease etc., and you would like to get a treatment with a visible result than choose one of the medical spas. Even after a short stay at the medical spa hotel you will notice some improvement to your health. Highly trained experts will take care of you, while you relax yourself.

There are many medical spas and packages available on the market. To choose the right one for your specific medical condition you need to be clear what condition you would like to treat and then choose your medical spa based on the area of expertise and on your personal preferencies to the countries where you would like to get the treatment.

Here is the list of some medical spas sorted by their indications:

Orthopedics and rheumatology

Rehabilitation after surgeries

Radon treatment for natural pain relief

Ophthalmology / Iodine therapies

Diabetes / Endocrinology/ Metabolism

Ayurvedic medicine
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Park Igls

Healthy diet, conscious movement and profound regeneration - modern Mayr medicine in the health center Park Igls in Tyrol.
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Airport: Innsbruck 7 km / Salzburg 180 km
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