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Vitality Hotel Punta

Airport: Pula 150 km, Rijeka 98 km, Lošinj 10 km (for small planes; possibilities for transfers with private planes)


Sestavine 17, 51551 Veli Lošinj | +385 51 661 111

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Adjacent to the town of Veli Lošinj you’ll find hotel Punta, a space that perfectly embodies what the island of Lošinj is all about – vitality!


Thanks to the beneficial effects on the respiratory system and general health, Lošinj island has been a favourite choice of many people who have breathing problems or simply want to improve their health.
Guests have the choice to enjoy either tranquil forests or stunning sea views in the hotel’s spacious double rooms or deluxe suites. Outside, the beautifully kept gardens are filled with aromatic herbs, also extensively used in the hotel’s restaurant – serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with a menu of local dishes, as well as macrobiotic specialities.
What really sets the Hotel Punta apart, however, are the unique spa and vitality facilities – encompassing indoor and outdoor pools, sundeck,
wellness and beauty treatments, specially designed exercise programs, Les Mills group workouts, as well as nutritional counselling.
Re-Spiro programme makes use of proven scientific clinical methods and diagnostic tests, which are combined with natural therapeutic factors and the sea-salt aerosol of the island of Lošinj, in maintaining with the Lošinj’s hundred-year-old medical tradition.
The programme is intended for people with mild obstructive respiratory conditions, and has been developed in collaboration with the Croatian Pulmonary Society and the Children’s Hospital Srebrnjak. Rehabilitation is conducted individually or in groups. The best season for rehabilitation is from early October to early May. The Re-Spiro programme is individually adapted to each user, depending on the constitution, medical history and goals.
Medical fields: internal medicine, pediatric, nutritionist, pulmonary rehabilitation, pulmonary recovery programme, pulmonary conditional
training for adults and children, wellness programmes, health & fitness programmes.

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