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Arthros Medical Center

Swift, expert medical assistance in the event of injury or accident

Airport: Vienna 26 km
Train station: 1,5 km


Heiligenstädterstraße 46-48, 1190 Vienna | +43 1 9971700

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The medical center is located in noble 19th district of Vienna. It is just a short drive away from the historic city center. It can be easily reached by public and private transport.


In the practise for trauma surgery, orthopaedics, sports medicine, internal medicine, dermatology, neurosurgery and physiotherapy experienced doctors ensure for interdisciplinary, goal-orientated, individual treatment all under one roof!

From diagnosis to therapy
Under the supervision of Florian Frisee M.D., Chief Physician, the Arthros Medical Center Vienna offers a broad range of treatments for joint and sports-related injuries (with a particular focus on knees, hips and shoulders), spinal and cardiovascular disorders, neurological diseases and neurosurgery.

Swift, expert medical assistance in the event of injury or accident
A team of trauma surgery and sports traumatology specialists work closely together to ensure patients are provided with coordinated treatment options for musculoskeletal injuries that can be treated on an outpatient basis.

The Arthros Medical Center Vienna also has close ties with the radiology department at Döbling Private Clinic. This means that services such as X-rays, ultrasound, CT and MRI scans are available without delay, either privately or under the patient’s health insurance scheme. This close collaboration allows specialists of the medical center to make a swift and precise diagnosis of musculoskeletal problems.

The majority of injuries can be fully treated on site at the clinic, but if a particularly severe injury requires more major intervention, the patient is transferred to a suitable hospital.

Trust and wellbeing
A team of Arthros Medical Center offers an exclusive plethora of services and is proud to be able to personally accompany all of patients throughout their entire stay at the clinic in a competent, uncomplicated manner inclusive of extensive consultations and without long waiting times, from the first point of contact to end of the first examination, all they way through the operation and physiotherapy. - « Service is our success ».

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Medical Experts

Dr. OA Dr. med. univ.

Florian Frisee

Trauma surgery and sports traumatology specialist. Head of Arthros Medical Center Vienna and Knee Clinic
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Specialist for arthroscopic knee surgery (meniscus, cruciate ligament) and knee prosthetics with more than 20 years of experience and several thousands of surgical interventions.