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Hospitals and Clinics in Austria

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Austrians enjoy an excellent standard of care, and foreigners from around the world have been travelling to Austria for many years to access advanced medical treatments and services.
Austria is a very well developed nation in terms of health tourism services customized for international patients. Due to the fact that medicine in this country is well invested, hospitals and clinics are equipped with high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, and doctors are well trained and highly qualified. A typical hospital in Austria boasts of state of the art technology and modern facilities. The European Health Consumer Index ranked Austria as Europe’s most consumer-friendly health care system in 2007, in the top three in 2008 and fourth in 2009.
Health tourism in Austria is also known for its holistic and wellness clinics. There are natural mineral spas and rehabilitation centers.
In Austria, people go to medical-tourist purposes, because it's a country where patient can get early diagnosis, quality efficient treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of diseases, as well as admiring the magnificent architecture, landscape and alpine scenery.
Not surprisingly, even the heads of foreign states and high-ranking members of royal families from around the world regularly come to Austria to use high-quality Austrian medicine.
Austrian hospitals are well known all over the world for efficiency and competitive prices. Hospital standards are considered one of the highest in Europe, waiting times are low and emergency procedures quick to resolve.
Find here the list of hospitals, medical centers as well as health and spa hotels in Austria, with relevant information about procedures, location, contact information, photos and more.
Hospitals and Clinics in Austria Save

Medical Facilities


Park Igls

Healthy diet, conscious movement and profound regeneration - modern Mayr medicine in the health center Park Igls in Tyrol.
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Airport: Innsbruck 7 km / Salzburg 180 km
Train station: Innsbruck 5,5 km


VIVAMAYR Altaussee

VIVAMAYR Altaussee – Health, Beauty and wellbeing – a new dimension of Modern Mayr Medicine
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Airport: Salzburg 90 km
Train station: 5 km
Next public transport: 300 m


Nuhr Medical Center

The experts for medical care in regimen, rehabilitation and pain therapy
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Airport: Vienna 110 km
Train station: 7 km
Next public transport: 100 m


Alpenresort Schwarz *****

Unique combination of professional medical care, luxury accomodation and comprehensive range of leisure and relaxation activities. Resort affiliated private clinic lead by Dr. Öhler.
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Airport: Innsbruck 35 km
Train station: 10 km


Revital Aspach

Centre for modern Health Management Aspach
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Airport: Salzburg 60 km, Linz 82 km, Munich 145 km
Train station: Ried im Innkreis 17 km


Armona Medical Alpine Resort

Specialist for complex diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the locomotor and musculoskeletal systems, weight loss and detox
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Airport: Munich 80 km
Train station: Kufstein 6 km
Next public transport: 500 m


Vita 34

The first and the most experienced umbilical cord blood bank for private storage in Europe
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Airport: Vienna 28 km
Train station: 230 m
Next public transport: 230 m

Bad Pirawarth

Klinik Pirawarth

The privately run rehabilitation clinic for neurology and orthopedics
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Airport: Vienna 50 km
Train station: 1 km
Next public transport: bus station next to the clinic