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Back pain is most commonly caused by a nonphysiological position of the spine during work, repetitive movements and inappropriate loading of the spine. It can occur at any stage of life but most often between the ages of thirty and fifty. Strained back muscles cause back pain, stiff neck, headache, nerve root impairment and also arm and hand problems if not treated in time. The problems result in tingling sensations, muscle weakness and swelling or a feeling of cold hands. Back pain is a common cause of sick leave. Back pain is treated with a comprehensive approach. Functional treatment and health education of the patient are the most important. If the causes of back pain are known, its recurrence can be prevented. The rehabilitation programme is tailor-made for each patient. All the modern methods of physical and rehabilitation medicine are applied, including thermal water. The goal of rehabilitation is to eliminate the pain, improve flexibility and muscle strength and thus improve the quality of life. After the end of the rehabilitation programme, we individually advise our patients on how to prevent and ease back pain at home.
 Package includes:
  • 7 nights in Hotel Kristal 4* superior with halfboard
  • unlimited entrance to the therme
  • initial examination by a physical and rehabilitation medicine specialist, 
  • 5x pain relief therapies per week
  • 6x individual medical exercises per week
  • 4x partial body massages per week
  • 6x hydrogymnastics per week

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