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Airport: Vienna 18 km
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Rosenbursenstrasse 8/3/7, 1010 Vienna | +43 676 4020122

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Situated in the historical city centre of Vienna.


Apart from painless gastroscopy and coloscopy, Dr. Thomas Winkler and his team specialize in the diagnosis and strategic planning and therapy of reflux, diseases of the thyroid gland, large intestine, rectum and tumours (cancer) in the abdomen, hernia repair (e.g. inguinal hernia, abdominal wall hernia or hiatus hernia) based on state-of-the-art methods, stage-appropriate hemorrhoids treatment according to the latest methods, such as HAL / HAL-RAR or Longo, which cause little or no pain, as well as vascular surgery, including therapy of varicose veins and intermittent claudication.

In addition to all mentioned services you have an opportunity to book a tailor-made preventive medical checkup according to your personal requirements and at an affordable price.
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Thomas Winkler

Specialist for surgery, visceral surgery, reflux (GERD), thyroid gland, rectum and colon diseases
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A specialist in reflux - GERD, thyroid, rectum and colon diseases.

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