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Dr. Thomas Winkler

Main Medical Fields

Dr. Thomas Winkler

Specialist for surgery, visceral surgery, reflux (GERD), thyroid gland, rectum and colon diseases
In my clinic it is very important to me, to cultivate a relaxed atmosphere, to take time to listen to you carefully and to offer a multidisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic concept out of various medical specialties.


  • Hollistic approach of diagnosis and therapy of gastroenterologic diseases by both orthodox and alternative medicine for best possible and ideally permanent treatment results
  • Individually tailored and personalized diagnosis and therapy according to your needs
  • Minimally Invasive-, Laparascopic-, Tumour- / Tumor- and Reflux Surgery. Procedures are carried out according to the latest international standards with high end technology and in high definition techniques. Short hospital stay, cosmetically appaeling and barely visible scars
  • Hernia repair in various techniques with the latest technology and most up-to-date materials
  • Gentle and painless endoscopies (gastroscopy and colonoscopy) under sedation
  • Vascular Surgery: Varicosis, intermittent claudication caused by arteriosclerosis – stenosis or vascular blockage, vascular aneurysms

Education & Professional Highlights

1994 Graduation from Medical School Vienna
 1994-96 Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA
1997-2004 General Hospital Vienna (General and Vascular Surgery) 
2000-04 Special training in GERD, thyroid treatment, colorectal surgery, proctology, tumor surgery
2001-09 Special training in minimally invasive, laparoscopic and colorectal sugery
2004-11 Consultant at Saint John Hospital of God Vienna (Visceral Surgery)
Since 2004 Registrar: Privatklinik Döbling, Rudolfinerhaus, Evangelisches Krankenhaus, Wiener Privatklinik, Vienna International Medical Clinic
Since 2004 Practice „Haus mit Herz“, 2320 Schwechat (Airport)
2005-11 Lecturer at Medical School Vienna (University)
Since 2006 Practice „Praxis am Stubenring“, 1010 Vienna 
2008 Special taining for hemorrhoid treatment (Longo, HAL, HAL-RAR, …)       
 Since 2011 Head of Reflux-Center Privatklinik Döbling 
2012 Foundation of Checkup Center
 Since 2013 Medical advisor at BodyContour-Wien

Speciality - Interests


  • Assessment of reflux, GERD, heartburn, hiatal hernia by Impedance measurement 
    • Treatment of Barrett and risk evaluation for esophageal cancer
    • Individually tailored therapy: 
      • Adaptation of life style
      • Conservative treatment and medication
      • Operation / surgical procedure (laparoscopic fundoplication
  • Counseling and possibly medication cessation to hypo- and hyperthyroidism 
    • Assessment of a thyroid disease by ultrasound and szintigraphy
    • Therapy of thyroid nodules (cold, warm, hot)
    • Operation on thyroid gland under neuromonitoring with cosmetically appealing and barely visible scars
  • Diagnosis and therapy of diseases of the rectum and anus: stage appropriate, minimally invasive treatment of hemorrhoids (HAL, HAL-RAR), fissure and fistula
  • Colon: interdisciplinary approach for digestive complaints, chronic inflammatory bowel disease – CED (ulcerative colitis and Crohne’s disease) and diverticula / diverticulitis. Prevention, diagnosis and therapy of colorectal carcinoma

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