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Birth in Döbling private hospital

Experience one of the most important moment of your life in an exclusive environment, with comfort, security, and the most modern medical care. For the most precious things in life ...
from €9,064 per person/package
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The department of obstetrics of the private clinic Doebling is one of the most popular maternity hospitals in Austria. Women will appreciate the high quality of medical care, combined with gracious care and hotel-style comfort. Safety of mother and newborn is in the spotlight, so the gynecologist-surgeon, anaesthetist and paediatrician are always at their disposal.

  • 5 days stay in two bed room
  • invoice of the gynecologist, neonatologist, nurse, anesthesiologist
  • anesthesiologist (in case of Caesarean / epidural anesthesia)
  • school of nursing and breastfeeding
  • post-natal gymnastics and massage (three times each)

Examination of the newborn is included in the price: US hip check, kidney and urinary organs, hearing screening

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