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Döbling Private Hospital

Vienna International Health Center

Airport: Vienna 26 km
Train station: 1,5 km


Heiligenstaedter Str. 57-63, 1190 Vienna | +43 1 360667755

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Main Medical Fields


“Döbling” Private Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Vienna and can be reached from the city center in a few minutes.


“Döbling” Private Hospital and its multifunctional outpatient clinic offer all services from preventive care, highly modern diagnostics, complex surgery, post-operative therapy and rehabilitation – all under one roof.


Women’s health – gynecology, childbirth, fertility center – IVF, breast health
Musculoskeletal system – endoprothetics, traumatology, minimal-invasive joint-surgery, Osteitis-center, Center for cartilage regeneration and orthobiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation
Gastro-intestinal tract – Center for endoscopy, Reflux center
Oncology – thyroid gland, gastro-intestinal tract, gynecology, urology
Surgery – abdominal surgery, adipositas surgery, ENT surgery, plastic surgery
Preventive programs – “check-up”
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Spoken languages

Romanian Russian English German
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Medical Experts

Prim. Univ. Prof. PD DDr

Thomas Weiss

Specialist for internal medicine and cardiology
German English
The research of Prof. Weiss is focused on hypertension and coronary artery disease (coronary catheterization and percutaneous coronary angioplasty).

Medical Packages

Birth in Döbling private hospital

Döbling Private Hospital

The department of obstetrics of the private clinic Doebling is one of the most popular maternity hospitals in Austria. Women will appreciate the high quality of medical care, combined with gracious care and hotel-style comfort. Safety of mother and newborn is in the spotlight, so the gynecologist-surgeon, anaesthetist and paediatrician are always at their disposal.

from €8,418 per person/package