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Private Clinic Laßnitzhöhe

Experts in the fields of orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation and pain therapy

Airport: Vienna 191 km, Graz 19 km
Train station: 1,1 km


Miglitzpromenade 18, 8301 Graz | +43 3133 2274

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The Laßnitzhöhe Private Clinic boasts a prime location in the green heart of Styria with a unique and wonderful 360-degree view of the provincial capital of Graz, the Styrian hills and the foothills of the Alps. The Styrian capital and UNESCO World Heritage city of Graz is just a few minutes away.

In the middle of one of the most beautiful vacation regions in Austria, the Laßnitzhöhe Private Clinic offers its guests numerous sports and leisure activities such as hiking, Nordic walking, running trails, cycle paths and an 8 km long terrain cure adventure trail, which offers various exercise options in nature. 


Privatklinik Laßnitzhöhe offers top-class medicine and therapy in a fantastic location. Its treatment focuses on orthopaedic rehabilitation, particularly after hip, knee and shoulder joint surgery or accidents, as well as neurological rehabilitation, particularly after strokes and brain and spinal cord injuries. Privatklinik Laßnitzhöhe also offers acute inpatient treatment in the fields of neurology and orthopaedics, for example for acute or chronic pain or for remobilization and early rehabilitation following accidents and operations. It also offers psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care for anxiety disorders, burnout and stress.

The experienced team of doctors consists of specialists in neurology, psychiatry, orthopaedics, general medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The team of over 100 first-class therapists includes sports scientists, physiotherapists, psychologists, massage therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, nutritionists, dieticians, music therapists and yoga instructors.

Privatklinik Laßnitzhöhe is an excellent multiple sclerosis center and a recognized center for the use of botulinum toxin in neurological diseases. Privatklinik Laßnitzhöhe is also a training center for specialist training in neurology and training in neurorehabilitation as part of the curriculum of the Austrian Society for Neurorehabilitation ÖGNR.

On a total area of 17,500m² there are spacious therapy zones, a modern, spacious indoor pool with balneotherapy, a sauna area with Finnish sauna, steam bath and infrared cabin, relaxation and quiet zones as well as lounges and social rooms. The hotel has 330 beds and offers a wide range of hotel components, divided into different categories from comfortable single rooms to exclusive double rooms and spacious apartments.

Medical technology equipment
Privatklinik Laßnitzhöhe has state-of-the-art medical equipment to support diagnostics and rehabilitative and therapeutic work. Its highly qualified team uses one of the most modern gait robots for therapy, for example, which can simulate not only walking on level ground, but also climbing stairs and everyday situations.

There are also special cold chamber for applying extreme cold to the entire surface of the body with a systemic effect, as well as treadmills with weight relief, state-of-the-art video gait analysis, Motomed, Motoletto, ergometers, Galileo and a sling table availabe. To support the rehabilitation of the upper extremities, the occupational therapy department has Bi Manu Track, Pablo, Amadeo, Timo and an IT-supported shoulder training device.

The psychology department has state-of-the-art computer workstations for the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders. Programs for visual restitution and compensation can be offered using beamer projection for visual field restrictions. The latest electrotherapy equipment (levitation modulation), a soft laser, ultrasound and magnetic field therapy and a lymphomat round off the medical technology available.

Concept for success
The long-standing successful medical and therapeutic concept is based on individuality, intensity and regularity as well as particularly close cooperation between all professional groups involved in the treatment. The guests are looked after throughout their stay by a team of doctors and therapists specially tailored to their individual needs. The kitchen team and nutrition specialists cater to individual needs and requirements, such as vegetarian, dietary and special diets. Privatklinik Laßnitzhöhe mainly uses regional products and prepare meals with fresh, high-quality food, which means that eating not only gives you energy, but also pleasure.
After a thorough medical examination and diagnosis, the doctors work together with the therapists and nurses in an interprofessional team with patients to create their individual therapy goal and a therapy and treatment program that is precisely tailored to their needs. Progress is constantly compared with the goal and the program is adjusted if necessary. The continuous all-round care focuses on patients as people, taking into account body, mind and soul, increases personal well-being and ensures a rapid recovery and a significant improvement in quality of life.
In addition, the international patients and self-paying patients have a dedicated contact person and concierge service for the entire duration of their stay - from initial contact to departure. All guests are provided with individual and personal support with all formalities relating to arrival, excursions and departure.

Medical focus areas
  • Neurology - neurological rehabilitation
  • Orthopaedics - orthopaedic rehabilitation
  • Cochlear implant rehabilitation
  • Accident rehabilitation
  • Early rehabilitation and remobilization
  • Physical medicine
  • Pain medicine
  • Shoulder and joint pain
  • Back and spinal complaints
  • Rheumatism - arthritis and arthrosis
  • Prevention and check-ups
  • Nutritional medicine and dietology
  • Psychiatry and psychology

Spoken languages

German English Russian
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