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Rehabilitation in Austria

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Every year, thousands of foreign patients come to Austrian clinics to undergo rehabilitation programmes and to receive treatments for various diseases. What attracts foreigners in Austrian medicine? Austria has the highest patient-to-doctor ratio in the world: 510 doctors per 100,000 Austrians. Public investment contributes to the development of the effective and high quality medical services. At the same time, its own accreditation system allows for control and sustainability of high level medicine by the state authorities. 

Popular rehabilitation clinics in Austria

Nuhr Medical® Center Clinic - learn more
The clinic specialises in the treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases and rehabilitation. The medical center is headed by Dr. Martin Nur, a leading specialist in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Under his leadership, there is an ongoing research aimed at improving treatment strategies for the musculoskeletal system. 

Professor Nuhr’s method based on: 
  • individual approach
  • intensity
  • regularity

Treatment with drugs in many cases does not bring visible results, especially for pain in the spine. Therefore, first of all, the nature of the pain is carefully assessed at the clinic and then an individual treatment plan is drawn up for each patient individually.  Along with medicines, motor and physical therapies are prescribed.

Private clinic Pirawarth
The rejection of the „hospital atmosphere“ is a fundamental factor in appearance of hotel-type clinics and rehabilitation centers. Pirawarth clinic specialises in the treatment of orthopedic and neurological diseases. For each patient a comprehensive therapy programme is individually developed by highly qualified team of professionals.
The clinic offers everything needed for a good rest and rehabilitation: 
  • indoor pool
  • tepidarium
  • relaxation area with sauna
  • hydromassage
  • infrared cabin
  • a cosy cafeteria

Private clinic Laßnitzhöhe (learn more here)
The beautiful nature and picturesque location at an altitude of 600 m above the sea level has made the Laßnitzhöhe city a famous and sought-after resort. The main specialisation of the private clinic Laßnitzhöhe is orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. The center uses modern high-performance equipment: 
  • robot simulator G-EO System
  • treadmills with the "balance support" function
  • advanced walking image analysers
  • extremities pulling table
  • ergotherapy equipment
  • equipment for shoulder trainingSpecialised in human psychological processes department uses computer diagnostics, gentle laser, ultrasonic and magnetotherapy.

Armona Medical Alpinresort Clinic
Private orthopedic clinic Armona Medical Alpinresort specialises in acute and chronic back pains, as well as: 
  • arthritis
  • wound healing
  • tendons and muscle injuries
  • rejuvenation
  • regenerationRehabilitation after: 
  • spinal surgery
  • removal of a hernia
  • vertebral prosthetics
  • joint replacementThe clinic also offers stem cells therapy.

Private clinic Revital Aspach
The clinic successfully combines methods of holistic medicine with modern therapy. Main specialisations: 
  • stress management and metabolic processes
  • orthopedic rehabilitation
  • outpatient clinic of physical medicineThe therapeutic concept is based on the prevention and reduction of disorders using holistic therapy in combination with medical procedures and physical exercises. Clinic’s extensive experience in sports medicine attracts athletes from around the world. 

Health Hotels in Austria If there is no need in an intensive therapy and care, the rehabilitation programme can be carried out in one of the comfortable health hotels.

Health and Spa Hotel Badener Hof
The hotel offers wellness therapy based on the healing power of Baden Sulfur Healing Water. The recovery program is effective after operations on: 
  • hips
  • spine
  • shoulders
  • knees
The hotel focuses on complementary medicine.
Hotel Warmbaderhof
The healing thermal water of Warmbad-Villach is well known for centuries for its pain relieving properties. High quality medical care guarantees an extensive rehabilitation together with full body relaxation. In addition, hotel guests have an opportunity to enjoy the unique and innovative cuisine according to the Montignac Method and receive consultation on surgical and aesthetic dermatology.

Thermal Hotel Reduce in Bad Tatzmannsdorf

Thermal waters, healing muds, carbonated mineral water are the three sources of the healing power of Bad Tatzmannsdorf. The above combination has a healing effect on the spine, joints and blood supply. Healing air and the landscape of Austrian meadows complement rehabilitation therapy.

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