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Basic Check-up

Basic Check Up includes a comprehensive initial consultation with a specialist and a wide range of key medical examinations to assess your current health status. Have your quick and easy Check Up at Rudolfinerhaus Private Hospital!

from €975 per person/package
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Included medical examinations:

  • body fat measurement
  • body mass index
  • vaccination check
  • blood pressure measurement
  • comprehensive blood analysis
  • incl. thyroid parameters
  • urine analysis
  • ECG
  • abdominal ultrasound
  • kidney ultrasound
  • final results consultation and report
  • breakfast or lunch at our restaurant
To organise the medical treatments you need to make your appointment at least two working days prior to your preferred check up date. You will be advised if any of your medical treatments require fasting. The day of your check up will begin with a short presentation of your individual schedule and then you will have your first appointment with one of our experienced physicians.

A translator will be offered at an extra charge, breakfast or lunch is included in the Basic Check Up, which is offered at our Restaurant. When all your results have been obtained your physician will meet you for the final consultation.

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Orthopedics and Traumatology Coordinators:

Prof. Martin Leixnering, MD, Coordinator Traumatology
Martin Buchelt, MD MBA, Coordinator Orthopedics

Urology Prof. Bob Djavan, MD, coordinator

Cardiology Thomas Brunner, MD
Deputy Medical Director and Head of Angiography
Private Outpatient Department Prof. Arthur Bohdjalian, MD, MBA, Deputy Medical Director
Thomas Brunner, MD, Deputy Medical Director
Additional Check-Up's

For a more comprehensive assessment, we offer 12 additional Check Ups that can be packaged together with the Basic Check Up.

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