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Private Outpatient Department

Prof. Arthur Bohdjalian, MD, MBA, Deputy Medical Director
Thomas Brunner, MD, Deputy Medical Director
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Special Clinical Focus:

  • Check-up
  • Colonoscopy
  • Day Clinic
  • Gastroscopy
  • Out-patient surgery
  • Preventative medicine

Rudolfinerhaus Private Outpatient Department

Professional first care, diagnostics and treatment – fast, easy and highly competent. At the Rudolfinerhaus Private Outpatient Department patients with urgent but not life-threatening are examined and treated with competence.

Quick treatment

Aching stomach or back, nausea, dizziness, problems with blood pressure or circulation, injuries of bones or ligaments, the highly qualified team of the Rudolfinerhaus Private Outpatient Department is there for professional first care.

Medical competence

For more specific issues a team of specialist physicians from the areas of internal medicine, cardiology, pulmology, surgery, traumatology, orthopedics, gynecology or neurology can be called at short notice. Besides electrocardiograms and electroencephalograms, the whole range of diagnostic facilities and services is available at Rudolfinerhaus Private Hospital. This includes all diagnostic imaging such as x-ray, computer tomography or magnetic resonance tomography.

Quality services

The Rudolfinerhaus Private Outpatient Department offers individually designed check-up programs for preventive health checks. Small surgical interventions and gastroscopic or coloscopic procedures are realized in the adjacent surgery rooms. Outpatient oncological treatment is also possible at the Private Outpatient Department. Multidisciplinary teams and standby specialists guarantee the quality of treatment, patient care and safety for our patients.

Main Medical Fields

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Orthopedics and Traumatology Coordinators:

Prof. Martin Leixnering, MD, Coordinator Traumatology
Martin Buchelt, MD MBA, Coordinator Orthopedics

Urology Prof. Bob Djavan, MD, coordinator

Cardiology Thomas Brunner, MD
Deputy Medical Director and Head of Angiography
Additional Check-Up's

For a more comprehensive assessment, we offer 12 additional Check Ups that can be packaged together with the Basic Check Up.

Basic Check-up

Basic Check Up includes a comprehensive initial consultation with a specialist and a wide range of key medical examinations to assess your current health status. Have your quick and easy Check Up at Rudolfinerhaus Private Hospital!

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