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The classic LASIK treatment has been used worldwide for more than 20 years already and proven to be the safest medical procedure. Femto-LASIK in Sehkraft is considered to be a "gold standard" of LASIK treatments for correcting myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. More than 85 million people have already been successfully treated.

Sehkraft specializes in Femto-LASIK. The team lead by Matthias Maus has performed more than 50,000 interventions since 1991. Our technological equipment allows us to make corrections that are hardly possible in other centers: such conditions as myopia up to -12 dpt, hyperopia up to +6 dpt, and astigmatism up to 6 dpt and sometimes even more serious are now a thing of the past. There are only a couple of centers worldwide that work at such a high level.

Sehkraft does not perform classic LASIK treatments anymore; instead, we use advanced methods of Femto-LASIK that take individual characteristics of a patient into account. The customized ablation treatment (CAT) lies at the basis of this patient-specific LASIK method. Thus, every LASIK treatment is unique on each eye. The operation planning is individual and depends on the initial parameters and the condition of the eye. The key parameters considered include corneal shape, corneal thickness, refraction and higher order aberrations. All these parameters are taken into consideration during the treatment.
  • Outpatient procedure
  • Treatment duration: about 15 minutes
  • About 2 days for recovery after surgery (depending on the activity)

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