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If someone sees small particles floating before their eyes when looking at a white screen or a sheet of paper, they usually deal with the so-called floaters in the vitreous body. This has an adverse effect on the vision and quality of people's lives. Yet a safe and effective solution has finally been developed for patients suffering from such a visual impairment, namely vitreolysis using a Reflex-Floater laser.

The Reflex laser manufactured by the Australian company Ellex is the first laser that allows you to get rid of bothering floaters in your eyes in a couple of minutes without surgery. It is able to remove the dense collagen structures that form usually in people after 40 years and are seen like moving shadows in the eye, and thereby to significantly improve the quality of vision. The procedure is painless and poses no risk of infection.

The UltraQ Reflex laser from the Australian manufacturer Ellex is a gentle laser with low-energy radiation which can break down opacities in the vitreous with a high degree of accuracy and without damaging adjacent structures or tissues. An innovative light transmission system, the so-called Reflex Technology™, guarantees optimal lighting of the vitreous body and precise targeting of the laser beam at floaters.
  • Treatment duration: about 20-60 minutes depending on the number of floaters
  • 2-3 procedures might be necessary

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