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Vita 34

The first and the most experienced umbilical cord blood bank for private storage in Europe

Airport: Vienna 28 km
Train station: 230 m


Hartäckerstraße 28, 1190 Vienna | +43 1 5339443

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The Vita 34 Corp. (Deutscher Platz 5, 04103 Leipzig, Germany) is the corporate parent of several associated companies, among others for Vita 34 Gesellschaft für Zelltransplantate (Mooslackengasse 17, 1190 Wien, Austria) responsible for operations in Austria. All together, the companies build the corporation Vita 34. In German-speaking countries Vita 34 is the oldest and largest private stem cell bank.


Stems cells from the umbilical cord – safe with Vita 34:
Vita 34 in Leipzig is a pioneer among the privately-run cord blood banks in Europe and is the largest stem cell bank in the German-speaking region. As a full-service provider, Vita 34 offers collection logistics, preparation and storage of umbilical cord blood and tissue. Using the so-called cryopreservation, cells and tissue are preserved at temperatures approaching minus 180 degrees Celsius and can, when required, be used as part of a medical therapy. Currently, umbilical cord blood and tissue from more than 150,000 children from German and other European countries is being stored. Stem cell specimens stored at Vita 34 have already been used successfully in 30 cases as part of treatments, individual cases and studies. These included using the umbilical cord blood in cases of infant brain damage and blood diseases as well as in a study on the treatment of Type 1 diabetes. The experience gained here is unique in the German-speaking region.

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