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Airport: Vienna 110 km
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Dr. Nuhr Platz 1, 3541 Senftenberg | +43 2719 22 210

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Nuhr Medical® Center is situated in Lower Austria’s holiday destination Senftenberg. The market township of Senftenberg is located at the edge of the UNESCO world heritage region Wachau, merely a few minutes away from the 1000 year old medieval city of Krems, idyllically embedded between the vineyards.


The Nuhr Medical® Center offers you the very highest standards of medical care in regimen, rehabilitation, pain therapy and preventive medicine in an atmosphere that favors healing and the recovery of physical and mental well-being in every respect. A rehabilitation or regimen stay at the Nuhr Medical Center allows us to work with patients to create the optimal conditions for pain relief as best possible and their return to everyday life. Rehabilitation or regimen stays are suited to a wide range of complaints and disorders, including: bone fractures, post-surgery, accidents, back pains, arthritis, musculoskeletal problems, chronic pains, the after-effects of a stroke or other neurological complaints and many more.
The Proven Nuhr Med Concept 
The rehabilitation and regimen are based on the long-standing formula for success: The Nuhr Med Concept – Individuality, Intensity and Regularity of treatment. Patients undergo a thorough medical examination and diagnosis, after which, an individual treatment plan tailored precisely to their specific needs is developed. Comprehensive and continuous care take into consideration body, mind and soul, improve personal well-being and ensure a speedy recovery. 

  • Patients are accompanied by the same medical and therapeutic team throughout the entire duration of their stay.
  • The patient will be followed up by the same team of physician and therapist during the whole stay, wich means: The patient does not have to adapt to a new therapist every day. The therapist immediately sees the effects of the treatment and can react accordingly. As a result, the satisfaction of both patient and therapist is increased, and a basis of trust is established.
  • The individual, intense and regular treatment plan tailored precisely to the specific needs of the patient makes the difference.
  • The decades of experience show that daily, precisely coordinated therapeutic measures and periods of rest ensure the best healing success.

Pain Treatment without Side Effects
The aim of the Nuhr Medical® Center is therefore to target the root cause of the pain. The center achieves great success with specific, individual therapies that are not limited to a single field or discipline. After a thorough medical check-up and the identification of the root causes, the Nuhr Medical Center works with the patient to develop an individual therapy plan that includes, in addition to drug therapy (if necessary), above all, treatments from the fields of physical medicine, complementary medicine and exercise therapy. The effects of these therapeutic methods are sustainable, almost side effect-free and tailored to the specific needs of the individual patient.

Medical Excellence Steeped in Tradition
The Austrian doctor and pioneer of high-frequency electrotherapy, Dr. Otto Nuhr, founded the “Health Clinic” in the Lower Austrian town of Senftenberg, near Krems, as far back as 1954. The Nuhr Medical® Center is today in the third generation of the Nuhr family and managed by Professor Dr. Martin Nuhr. Prof. Nuhr is a specialist for physical and rehabilitation medicine, an expert in the field of pain therapy (MSc.), a visiting professor at the Medical University of Vienna and Head of the Karl Landsteiner Institute for Physical Rehabilitative Medicine, which performs research projects on new treatment strategies and rehabilitation concepts for diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. This ensures that the Nuhr Medical® Center always represents the state of the art and can offer its patients the very highest standards of medical excellence.

Nuhr Hotel
Built on a spacious piece of land the recently built hotel housing 30 rooms and suites provides you with your own high quality private personal hideaway as well as offering a varied selection of recreational and relaxation facilities. Nestled in the wonderfully peaceful surrounds of Senftenberg, the sustainable construction style and the management of the facility follows a directive that is both modern and ecological. During your stay there are plenty of in-house facilities at your disposal. Should you be tempted by the swimming pool, then come and take part in the therapeutic water aerobics or make use of the treatment and training under expert guidance available in the Therapy Pool. Relax afterwards in the Quiet Room or in the adjoining Sauna area, which includes both an organic sauna and an original Finnish sauna, whichever your prefer.
During the course of your stay, allow your energy levels to be re-charged, increase your mobility or strengthen your mental resilience and composure. Guided Nordic Walking tours to Senftenbergs local castle ruins and outdoor Yoga tuition will guide you on a gentle and invigorating path towards finding your inner balance and contentment. Breath in deeply and refresh not only your body, but also your mind.
Areas of Medical Expertise
  • Physical Medicine
  • Rehabilitation and Regimen
  • Pain Management
  • Backaches and Joint Pains
  • Back and Spinal Column
  • Accident Rehabilitation
  • Rheumatism – Arthritis and Arthrosis
  • Neurology – Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Internal Rehabilitation

Spoken languages

English German
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Medical Experts

Univ.-Doz. Dr. MSc

Martin Nuhr

Specialist doctor in interdisciplinary pain medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation. Medical director of Nuhr Medical Center in Senftenberg, Austria. Founder of Karl Landsteiner Institut für Physikalische Rehabilitative Medizin (Karl Landsteiner Institute for Physical Rehabilitative Medicine).
German English
Treatment focused on pain therapy, post-accident rehabilitation, orthopaedic rehabilitation as well as prevention. A core aspect of his work is the Nuhr Med Concept, which is based around the three pillars of individuality, intensity and regularity of treatments.

Medical Packages

Rehabilitation - 14-day programme

Nuhr Medical Center

Inpatient, post-operative rehabilitation. Enjoy peace and security during your 14-day stay (Sunday to Sunday) at the NUHR Medical Center in the upscale ambiance of our facility as your own personal rehab team offers you the best care.

from €6,100 per person/package