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Rehabilitation - 14-day programme

Inpatient, post-operative rehabilitation. Enjoy peace and security during your 14-day stay (Sunday to Sunday) at the NUHR Medical Center in the upscale ambiance of our facility as your own personal rehab team offers you the best care.
from €6,100 per person/package
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Whether as a consequence of an operation, accident or serious illness, it’s not only your career or ability to take part in sport that can often be challenging. Those affected also frequently experience restrictions even in normal, everyday life. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Anyone who takes the necessary time for rehabilitation will discover a reliable way of feeling physically better and regaining better health. At the NUHR Medical Center, team will be happy to accompany you through your rehabilitation offered by NUHR Physical.

Individuality: the key to success
Everyone has a medical history. Doctor takes sufficient time to enable to create an individual treatment concept especially for you. The NUHR Medical Center’s team of specialists in the areas of pain therapy and rehabilitation, movement therapy, physiotherapy and complementary medicine are permanently on hand to assist you throughout the whole procedure. This way medical team is continuously up to date with your current progress to make sure that you are following the most direct route towards your health goal.

The whole point of post-operative rehabilitation (e.g. artificial joint replacement) and rehabilitation following accidents and illnesses of a neurological, internal or geriatric nature is the rapid restoration of the body’s physical capabilities. Do you want to be in control of your everyday life without any restrictions? Then make time for your health!

  • Initial detailed medical examination
  • Final medical examination

Your individual therapy plan consists of 5 to 6 therapies per day and is created from the following therapies 
  • Arsonvalization according to Dr. Nuhr
  • Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy in the water
  • Medical Training Therapy
  • Low-frequency
  • Low level surface laser
  • Manual regulation therapy according to Dr. NuhrThe price includes overnight stays, full board, medical examinations and therapies.

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Medical Check
Preventive stay, 4 days from Thursday to Sunday (3-4 nights).
Pain Relief Stay - 14-day programme
An inpatient 14-day pain therapy programme (Sunday - Sunday) at the NUHR Medical Center.
Rehabilitation - 14-day programme Save