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Pain Relief Stay - 14-day programme

An inpatient 14-day pain therapy programme (Sunday - Sunday) at the NUHR Medical Center.
from €5,500 per person/package
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Pain, caused by psychological imbalance or physical ailments, puts a great burden on the person affected. At the NUHR Medical Center, team takes any form of pain seriously and provide you with competent and sensitive support on the way to alleviating your pain.
Individual course of treatment
On the basis of the NUHR Med Concept, an individual treatment regimen is provided for every patient. This is composed of treatment in the areas of rehabilitative physiotherapy, complementary medicine, as well as mental coaching and mental strengthening.

The NUHR Pain Relief therapy is recommended for any form of acute and chronic pain, nerve pain or back pain caused by a slipped disc, disc bulge, osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, Scheuermann’s disease, as well as all forms of rheumatic disorders. Experience the feeling of pain relief during a course of treatment at the NUHR Medical Center and undergo the whole healing process whilst also being well taken care of.

  • Initial detailed medical examination
  • Final medical examination

Your individual therapy plan consists 5 to 6 therapies per day and is created from the following therapies:

  • Arsonvalisation according to Dr. Nuhr
  • Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy in the water
  • Medical Training Therapy
  • Low-frequency treatments
  • Low level surface laser
  • Ultrasonic
  • Munari
  • Manual regulation therapy according to Dr. Nuhr
  • Underwater jet massage

The price includes overnight stays, full board, medical examinations and therapies.

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Medical Check
Preventive stay, 4 days from Thursday to Sunday (3-4 nights).
Rehabilitation - 14-day programme
Inpatient, post-operative rehabilitation. Enjoy peace and security during your 14-day stay (Sunday to Sunday) at the NUHR Medical Center in the upscale ambiance of our facility as your own personal rehab team offers you the best care.
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