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Medical Check

Preventive stay, 4 days from Thursday to Sunday (3-4 nights).
from €3,000 per person/package
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The NUHR Medical Check are for people who suffer from high levels of physical and mental stress as well as those with risk factors such as nicotine abuse, lack of exercise, being overweight, and having elevated blood fat levels.
In our fast-moving world, the demands on our daily health are high. If we forget to look after ourselves, this can lead to sickness and ill health in the long term. Preventative health promotion is a form of shield that protects us in everyday life and allows us to be fit and energetic for all of life’s adventures and challenges.
A change is as good as a rest, so they say. That’s why, at the start of your stay, we take our time to assess your current situation, analyse any risks, and locate potential energy leaks.
The target group of the NUHR Medical Check are people with increased physical and mental stress levels as well as people with risk factors such as obesity, elevated blood lipid levels, nicotine abuse and lack of exercise. Are you one of them and would you like to improve your lifestyle? Then start with inpatient health care at the NUHR Medical Center in Lower Austria. With a regenerative stay programme you make the first step towards health and well-being.

5 specialist medical assessments including compilation of findings: 
  • Physical-orthopaedic examination
  • Neurological assessment incl. carotissonography
  • Gastroenterological assessment incl. abdomen sonography, haemoccult or uricult evaluation
  • Internal  cardiological  assessment  incl.  cardiac  ultrasound,  12-discharge  ECG, echocardiography and stress ergometry
  • Final examination with summary and interpretation of the findings.

Supplementary assessments 
  • Psychological assessment
  • Dietary assessment incl. BIA measurement
  • Physiotherapy incl. ergonomic training, manual examination, joint and muscle function test
  • Sport scientific assessment with preparation of a training plan
  • Blood test

In addition to the examinations/reviews, you will receive the following therapies 
  • 2 x Arsonvalisation according to Dr. Otto Nuhr
  • 1 x Manual regulation therapy 40 min. according to Dr. Nuhr

The price includes overnight stays, full board, medical examinations and therapies.
Laboratory tests are not included. Price on request.

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Further Medical Packages

Rehabilitation - 14-day programme
Inpatient, post-operative rehabilitation. Enjoy peace and security during your 14-day stay (Sunday to Sunday) at the NUHR Medical Center in the upscale ambiance of our facility as your own personal rehab team offers you the best care.
Pain Relief Stay - 14-day programme
An inpatient 14-day pain therapy programme (Sunday - Sunday) at the NUHR Medical Center.
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