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Vita 34

The first and the most experienced umbilical cord blood bank for private storage in Europe
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Airport: Vienna 28 km
Train station: 230 m


Alpenresort Schwarz *****

Unique combination of professional medical care, luxury accomodation and comprehensive range of leisure and relaxation activities. Resort affiliated private clinic lead by Dr. Öhler.
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Airport: Innsbruck 35 km
Train station: 10 km


Park Igls

Healthy diet, conscious movement and profound regeneration - modern Mayr medicine in the health center Park Igls in Tyrol.
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Airport: Innsbruck 7 km / Salzburg 180 km
Train station: 5,5 km


Therme Laa - Hotel & Silent Spa **** Superior

In this program for a for a gentle purification and detoxification, body waste is removed so you can find a healthy, new balance

from €1,499 per person/package

Birth in Döbling private hospital

Döbling Private Hospital

The department of obstetrics of the private clinic Doebling is one of the most popular maternity hospitals in Austria. Women will appreciate the high quality of medical care, combined with gracious care and hotel-style comfort. Safety of mother and newborn is in the spotlight, so the gynecologist-surgeon, anaesthetist and paediatrician are always at their disposal.

from €8,418 per person/package

Detox package 7 nights

Rogaška Resort – Grand Hotel Rogaška****Superior

This carefully planned programme for detoxification is due to the drinking treatment with the water Donat Mg unique in the world

from €919 per person/package

Basic Check-up

Rudolfinerhaus Privatklinik

Basic Check Up includes a comprehensive initial consultation with a specialist and a wide range of key medical examinations to assess your current health status. Have your quick and easy Check Up at Rudolfinerhaus Private Hospital!

from €975 per person/package

Additional Check-Up's

Rudolfinerhaus Privatklinik

For a more comprehensive assessment, we offer 12 additional Check Ups that can be packaged together with the Basic Check Up.

from €124 per person/package

Try a cure

Spa Hotel Dvořák****

This short stay cure package is aimed at enjoying and trying the treatments of Carlsbad.

Mayr Intensive

Park Igls

This module is designed for guests who seek an across-the-board health improvement.

from €3,020 per person/package

Traditional Heviz Therapy

NaturMed Hotel Carbona ****superior

A fully comprehensive health assessment (like the Biofit Test or the thermographic examination) is offered to receive condition-specific health information.


from €571 per person/package

Body shaping package

NaturMed Hotel Carbona ****superior

It is an efficient help for those who want toned muscles, tighter skin and well-shaped body.

from €1,055 per person/package

Me Body & Mind

Alpenresort Schwarz *****

The programme strengthens the connection between the body and the consciousness and brings it into harmony.

from €1,548 per person/package

ME Aesthetics

Alpenresort Schwarz *****

Enhance the beauty of your body and support your inner and outer balance


from €1,896 per person/package

Gastein Health Week

JohannesbadHotel St.Georg ****

The nature, the mountains and the healthy Gastein thermal water - a unique health package

from €728 per person/package

Modern Mayr Cure - Basic Program

VIVAMAYR Altaussee

The medical background of modern Mayr cure is based on the famous program for detoxification that FX Mayr developed in Austria nearly 100 years ago. The healing and cleansing power of Altaussee Glauber’s salt source is used to clean and relieve the digestive tract during the VIVAMAYR cure.

from €2,380 per person/package

Modern Mayr Cure - Basic Program

VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth

The medical background of modern Mayr cure is based on the famous program for detoxification that FX Mayr developed in Austria nearly 100 years ago.

from €2,149 per person/package

Mayr Classic

Park Igls

Time out for your health – this therapeutic module offers the ideal introduction to Modern Mayr Medicine.

from €2,551 per person/package

Fasting for experts 7 nights

EurothermenResort Bad Hall Hotel Miraverde ****

An extendable week with lots of individuality for experienced fasters – optionally Buchinger or alkaline fasting

from €975 per person/package

Rehabilitation - 14-day programme

Nuhr Medical Center

Inpatient, post-operative rehabilitation. Enjoy peace and security during your 14-day stay (Sunday to Sunday) at the NUHR Medical Center in the upscale ambiance of our facility as your own personal rehab team offers you the best care.

from €6,100 per person/package

Pain reduction for new mobility

The Kurhaus Marienkron

10 day pain treatment programme incl. the proven combination of holistic therapies and specific specialist instructions for a conscious lifestyle change. 

from €1,990 per person/package

Fasting with pleasure

The Kurhaus Marienkron

7/ 10 day weight reduction programme. Recommended for therapeutic fasting or for first-time fasting.

from €1,590 per person/package

New radiance - Beauty from inside

The Kurhaus Marienkron

7 day beauty package for new body feeling. Healthy eating or (intermittent) fasting combined with a beauty programme. Feel comfortable in your own skin.

from €1,490 per person/package

New strength

The Kurhaus Marienkron

7 day cure for immune system strengthening. Good health and strong immune system starts with the right balance in the stomach.

from €1,290 per person/package


Thomas Winkler

Specialist for surgery, visceral surgery, reflux (GERD), thyroid gland, rectum and colon diseases
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A specialist in reflux - GERD, thyroid, rectum and colon diseases.

Dr. med.

Günther Beck

Physician for General Medicine
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The focus of our practice lies in the connection between conventional medicine and holistic medicine as well as prevention and sports medicine. We base our patient care on the holistic vitalis med concept which we developed together.

Dr. med.

Gerhard Beck

Physician for General Medicine and Expert on Holistic Medicine
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The focus of our practice lies in the connection between conventional medicine and holistic medicine as well as prevention and sports medicine. We base our patient care on the holistic vitalis med concept which we developed together.

Dr. med. univ.

Kurt Öhler

Medical director of the private clinic at the Sonnenplateau, specialist for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, emergency doctor.
German English
An internationally recognised specialist for aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Prim. Univ. Prof. PD DDr

Thomas Weiss

Specialist for internal medicine and cardiology
German English
The research of Prof. Weiss is focused on hypertension and coronary artery disease (coronary catheterization and percutaneous coronary angioplasty).

Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Martin Schillinger

Specialist in internal medicine, angiology, cardiology
German English
Currently Dr. Schillinger's focus is on minimal invasive treatment of atherosclerotic disease including the arteries of the heart, the brain, the inner organs and the legs.

Prim. Dr.

Camel Kopty

Specialist in Internal Medicine – Gastroenterology, Endoscopy and Hepatology
 Head of the Internal Department of Wiener Privatklinik
German English
Specialist in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterologie, Endoscopie and Hepatology

Univ.-Professor Dr.

Christoph Zielinski

Specialist in Medical Oncology, Coordinator of WPK Academy Cancer Center
German English
Specialization in Medical Oncology with main areas of interest being Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Precision Medicine and Immunotherapy of Cancers

Univ.-Doz. Dr. MSc

Martin Nuhr

Specialist doctor in interdisciplinary pain medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation. Medical director of Nuhr Medical Center in Senftenberg, Austria. Founder of Karl Landsteiner Institut für Physikalische Rehabilitative Medizin (Karl Landsteiner Institute for Physical Rehabilitative Medicine).
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Treatment focused on pain therapy, post-accident rehabilitation, orthopaedic rehabilitation as well as prevention. A core aspect of his work is the Nuhr Med Concept, which is based around the three pillars of individuality, intensity and regularity of treatments.

Prof. Dr.

Eugen Hug

Medical Director and co-managing Director of MedAustron Ion Therapy Center
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An internationally acknowledged pioneer of particle therapy with over 25 years of clinical and scientific experience and author of numerous publications. His clinical specialization focuses on pediatric malignancies, skull base tumors and sarcomas.


Piero Fossati

Clinical and research director for carbon ion therapy at MedAustron Ion Therapy Center
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The main interest is in the clinical and radiobiological aspects of carbon ions and protons with a focus on the impact of different RBE models in clinical practice and on the specific need of clinical research methodology for particle therapy.

Priv.-Doz. Dr.

Petra Georg

Clinical director at MedAustron Particle Therapy Center
German English
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Petra Georg’s major clinical and scientific topics are image guided radiotherapy, adaptive treatment concepts and assessments of dose response relationships for late toxicities.She leads the clinical study office at MedAustron.

Dr. OA Dr. med. univ.

Florian Frisee

Trauma surgery and sports traumatology specialist. Head of Arthros Medical Center Vienna and Knee Clinic
German English
Specialist for arthroscopic knee surgery (meniscus, cruciate ligament) and knee prosthetics with more than 20 years of experience and several thousands of surgical interventions.